Make the choice of proximity and increase your conversion rate

The consumption trends are evolving; consumers’ queries are more and more geo-localized. Being visible on the Web became fundamental to ensure the growth and longevity of your company. We help you improve your Web local visibility and increase traffic in your points of sale.


You are an online business

You are visible on the Web and have a store
You must master the repartition of digital and physical traffic.
You wonder why a store is more visible than another one and how to improve its exposure?
You do not have a store
Your Web visibility is the only way for consumer to find you.
Do you know your local and your competitors’ performance?


You are a Brand

Your image is to be preserved and your brand awareness is to be increased.
Discover your local market share, master your local repartition and improve your position on the Web. We are here to counsel you and to assist you in what regards your E-Reputation strategy.


You are a Brand

In order to feature one of your themes or make a news topic more visible, it is required to work on your local semantic positioning and to map your semantic space and the one of your competitors and partners. We are here to counsel you and to assist you in your local visibility repartition strategy.



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