You are an online business
An e-trader with points of sale : Increase your Store Locator Turnover:

The first step to create a local traffic in your point of sale is to be found in search engines as part of the geo-localized queries.

Indeed, it is a way to transform your digital traffic to a sale potential.
Do you want to be consulted? Adapt your content strategy by optimizing your directory while creating "strong local partnerships" (such as media, local stakeholders) in order to have a more qualitative and multiplied visibility.

There are more than 80% of searches made by geo-location in some industries!

With 70% of searches done on mobiles, it is even imperative nowadays to be efficient in your local visibility. From your customers’ point of view, the geo-location search enables to find what he or she looks for (product, service) according to its location (home, work, etc …). There is therefore a real need of proximity response in the consumption act.
Being near to your store, your customer can go to your competitors’ store if you do not respond to this criterion. Be visible in geo-location search, increase your traffic in the field and reach turnover objectives.

An e-trader not having a point of sale: Increase your turnover online:

Your web visibility is the only way for the netizen to reach you

More you are “identifiable” by Google, more you will be visible to consumers. In fact, if your services or products are clearly positioned and detected by the search engine, you will optimize your power of attraction of your clients toward your website.

How to position your identity compared to your market

We suggest you to use a new technology based on Data Marketing that is able to provide you the local ranking of your competitors and partners. It will allow us to establish a local repositioning strategy that will quickly increase your organic traffic. Analyze, reposition yourself and boost to your business!


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