A brand partner in your global referencing strategy

Online Social Media are continually evolving. In a global context, Social Media take an important place in the life of customers. It is, therefore, an important element to consider from now on in your SEO strategy. We provide a strategic and tactical plan to reach your objectives.


The synergy SMO - SEO

Social Media are an extra source of traffic. Google integrates social media as an index in its results ranking by including them in its search algorithms. Hence, there is a real correlation between your link-building strategy on Social Media and the improvement of your website ranking.


A support tool for editorial strategy

The SMO constitutes an effective and decisive communication lever in your content socialization! It enables to put forward new content enhanced by the search engines. Those last take into account in their ranking your updated content and the social activity it generates.


In the service of the e –popularity

It enables you to increase your brand notoriety and above all to manage your e-reputation within a community of online users. The most influential ones will help you in your content strategy by adding and editing your publications and making them viral. Some of them will even become your ambassadors.



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