Increase your sales by analyzing consumer behavior within your market!

Knowing and understanding consumers’ behavior and habits enables you to make the most adequate decision. It is fundamental to respond to users appositely and efficiently in order to seize their attention and satisfy them.
We provide you the possibility to adapt your response depending on consumers’ intentions in your market by locality and temporality.


You are an online business

Do you want to increase your turnover? Ensure the coherence of your offers with market trends!
If intentions are clearly identified upstream the launch of a new product or a new range of products, you can then strategically decide to a better way to respond to it and you will significantly increase your chance to attract your target.


You are a Brand

You want to serenely prepare your Marketing and Communication campaigns, ensure the efficiency of your advertising campaigns or develop a brand image consistent with your community of users. Having access to your consumers’ intention enables you to have the necessary tips to respond to their demands.


You are a Media

What are your readers’ purchase intentions in the local and national level?
Knowing your readers’ expectations in terms of trends will enable you to grow your business. It is suitable to direct topics that are consistent with your market expectations. If intentions are identified upstream, you can strategically decide about the best way to respond and you will greatly increase your chances to catch the attention of your target.



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