You are an online business

What are your consumers’ buying behaviors both locally and internationally?

In order to determine their behavior, we suggest you to use technology based on Database Marketing. This technology is able to provide you with a multitude of information concerning consumer buying behavior within your market by brand, family of products, type of products and location.

We extract precise details from categorized data such as: Customer types and request volumes of your customers by topic and locality.

Responding to intentions guarantees customer satisfaction and mechanically the conversion of the consumption act

The power of our technology enables us to master volumetric data dynamically and historically thanks to its functional and technological performance.
Besides, we can understand and interpret data by industry with a precise granularity. Our database is constantly updated in order to provide a reactive authenticity of data. It delivers all the following intentions data: the type of products researched, the price approach (low-end, mid-range or high-end products), comparisons (price-quality ratio) and consumer reviews (FAQ, blogs, forums)

Why is it compulsory to know consumer intentions for your Web visibility?

The aim of Google is to respond effectively and precisely to user requests. If Google does not find the requested information on a company’s website, it will not promote the site to its first page. Your Google ranking depends on the quality and the accuracy of your website content, with regards to the various potential requests put forward by consumers. A website that responds suitably to up-to-date consumer trends increases its visibility on Google.



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