Visibility by Universe

You want to understand your semantic DNA and to know how Google perceives you

Like many digital and marketing directors, you are asking yourself each year about the orientation that you should give to your website and mobile. Giving you the key elements of your semantic positioning and that of your competitors, SEARCH & CLICK assist you to optimize your digital strategy.


You are an Online Business

Being visible by universe is a great asset.
You create your semantic identity by increasing visibility by universe. You choose your products exposure priorities to consumers, based on your return of investment goals. This allows your company to implement a rebalancing strategy. By providing you your Google visibility, we allow you to set up a strategy to increase the visibility of the desired products category, and increase your sales in this sector.


You are a Brand

Develop your semantic identity. Improve your visibility by universe for 3 reasons:
Be visible to your customers. Face your competitors. Differentiate yourself from partners. We advise you on the strategy to follow in order to improve your performance in terms of visibility by universe.


You are a Media

You are a specialized media and you want to improve your visibility by universe to heighten your semantic identity and face your competitors. We advise you to improve your Google positioning and face your competitors.
You are a generalist media and you want to highlight one or more topic(s) of your catalog. We implement the strategy dedicated to allow you to increase visibility.



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