Market Intelligence By Industry : Home & Living

Overview on the furniture and interior design market

Players: The largest furniture distributors, DIY stores, kitchen specialists, department stores and hypermarkets, mid-rand and high-end furniture, artisans, and distance selling (particularly with the market growth of used furniture between private individuals), etc. ...

Scopes: The world of the furnishings and home layout has different product families: bedroom furniture (bedding), living room furniture (sofa - chair), kitchen furniture (cabinets - work surface), bathroom, interior decoration (photo frames, mirrors, decorative object), and lamps.

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The furniture market is becoming digital!

The furniture and interior decoration sector is changing for some time now, with new consumption patterns (purchase of new vs. buying second-hand vs renting). The e-retailers are developing solutions more appropriate such as web applications to the decision making (design, surface planning, interior design). Moreover, furniture consumers are also increasingly sensitive to ecological issues, and the rent and the purchase of used products are adequate solutions answering to these purchase intentions.

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Our expertise in the service of your performance

The client data became the epicenter of any strategic orientation.
It allows listening better to the consumer, understanding him and reaching him.
Thanks to the power of our technology and our qualified and segmented data, and for an adapted response, we offer you:

  • Your semantic positioning and that of your competitors;
  • Anticipating the next trends in furniture and interior design;
  • Accurate data to respond positively to purchase intentions.



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