Market Intelligence By Industry : Garden

Overview on the garden market

Players: We first observe gardening and DIY stores, feed stores, mass-market stores, then garden centers and seed houses, gardening and DIY magazines, and more recently online stores, e-florists, private equipment rental websites between, bloggers and Youtubeurs , etc ...

Scopes: The garden and DIY market constitutes several product families: garden tools (manual and electric), plants and vegetables, fertilizers and insecticides, outdoor equipment and furniture, barbecues, swimming pools and fences.

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The garden market is on: optimize your Web visibility!

The digitization of the garden and DIY sector is growing with a smooth transition between website and point of sale. The webrooming is increasingly popular and plays a decisive role in the purchase act in the store.

These new consumer behaviors lead DIY and gardening players to adapt their digital strategies such as the development of mobile applications, the deployment of the " click & collect ” service allowing the buyer to book online and to remove the order in the store , as well as the availability of the geolocation in order to reach potential buyers.

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