Market Intelligence By Industry : Fashion & Accessories

Overview on men and women fashion market

Players: We first observe ready-to-wear brands, creators (designers – model makers), department stores, distributors, clothing media sites, fashion magazines, and more recently the bloggers, YouTubeurs, etc. ...

Scopes: The clothing market is mainly composed of the following product categories: ready-to-wear, sportswear, professional and protective clothing, lingerie, luxury clothing, accessories, and shoes. These product families depend on 4 main criteria: sex and age, seasons and fashion trends that provide guidance for the new collections.

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The ready-to-wear market alters: get used to it!

Whether your business is BtoB or BtoC, and regardless of the product(s) and clothing accessories that you commercialize, it is the purchase intentions and new consumption patterns that run your business, marketing and branding strategies.

The arrival of the digital in the fashion clothing brought:

  • More proximity between the brand and the customer;
  • A more efficient geolocation with the rise of online sales (e-commerce and m-commerce) and the development of mobile applications;
  • Accurate real-time analysis of clothing tastes and preferences thanks to the data;
  • The digitization of outlets.

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Our expertise in the service of your performance

The client data became the epicenter of any strategic orientation.
It allows listening better to the consumer, understanding him and reaching him.
Thanks to the power of our technology and our qualified and segmented data, and for an adapted response, we offer you:

  • Your score web visibility;
  • Your Search positioning (SEO - SEA - Social Networks);
  • Accurate and detailed mapping of your theme visibility in the world of man, woman and child clothing.



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